Tonic Eyewear Mirror Lenses

If you are regularly fishing in bright conditions, mirror polarised sunglasses will reflect light and reduce glare, making them ideal for open water situations, be it on the flats, off-shore or even when fishing lakes.

With four mirror colours available in the Tonic range, the challenge, beyond deciding which ones make you look like a rock star, is deciding which lens suits your fishing application and preferences.


Green Mirror

  • Consistent colour and contrast in all light
  • Even colour perception
  • High contrast
  • Dims glare while brightening shadows


Blue Mirror

  • Boating and fishing in deep water
  • Harsh sun
  • Helps define contours
  • Enhances colour perception

Red Mirror

  • Sight fishing reefs and weed beds
  • Improves visual depth
  • Greatest contrast
  • Reduced eye strain

Silver Mirror

  • Normal to overcast days
  • All-rounder minimising glare
  • True colour perception
  • Dark tint with high light transmission

All mirror lenses have the clarity of Tonic’s custom designed ‘Slicelens’, with polarisation, de-centred lenses and anti-reflective coating to reduce ‘bounce back’ to the pupil.