Tacky Fly Boxes

New 2020-21 Range

Tacky Fly Boxes need no introduction since they burst onto the fly-fishing scene with their unique patented silicone inserts. Known for their strength and functional design, their silicone anchoring technology holds flies firmly. Recently Fishpond USA purchased Tacky products and have been active in improving the range. 

For 2020 they have upgraded the boxes to utilise a recycled polycarbonate to reduce their footprint without sacrificing the shatter-resistant construction. 

There are new models available which feature two-sided silicone inserts doubling the capacity of some boxes.

New boxes arriving for 2021 look incredibly exciting, so keep in touch with your specialist dealer and have them contact you when they arrive. Let’s just say saltwater and waterproof! 

Features of the Tacky range:

Original patented silicone anchoring technology

Withstands extreme temperature range

High visibility lid on single-sided boxes

Strong, latch-less magnetic closure

Durable and tested for long-lasting strength

Recycled polycarbonate box

Visit mayflytackle.com.au for stockists.