Strike Indicator Company Expanded Range

Strike Indicator adds to their range of products to assist anglers with indicator fishing

Adding to their range of products to assist anglers with indicator fishing, the new line of spun wool yarn in five colours makes creating indicators even easier. Pull the required length of yarn from the provided dispenser and apply with the applicator needle to the tubing-leader loop, no need for teasing out etc.
As a general rule one strand of wool yarn suits the standard tubing and two strands of wool yarn suit the XL tubing.
Available in five colours – Luscious Lemon, Radioactive Orange, Fluorescent Green, Pearly White and Jet Black.
Also available is the 4-colour Perfect Dispenser making it easy to change colours depending on the time of day and background. The Perfect Dispenser holds 3 feet of each colour and can easily be refilled when a colour runs out.

New Pre-Cut Sleeves and Vial are available, holding 200 pre-cut sleeves with Application Vial. The lid has a hole in it to help load sleeves on the indicator tool. The sleeves leave no kinks in leaders, can be easily adjusted to water depth, and indicators can be made to optimum size by adding or trimming the natural New Zealand grown environmentally friendly wool.
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