South Pacific Travel Rod Tubes

South Pacific have your rods covered

South Pacific Fly Rods have released two new travel rod tubes. These tubes are travel-grade tough, you could drive a truck over them (but please don’t).

Each tube has strong, high quality YKK zips, carry handle, adjustable shoulder strap, embroidered fly motif and a vertical storage D-ring. The nylon internal covering with high-density foam cushioned ends keeps your rod protected. The tough black 800 denier water-resistant polyester covering completes the
stylish look.

The standard tube has dual external poly-capped ends, and measures 840mm long, accommodating 4–piece rods up to 10 feet in length. The internal diameter is 58mm. 

The reel-on-rod tube has a single capped end, it measures 770mm long, accommodating 4-piece 9-foot fly rods with a fly reel attached. Loading your outfit is a breeze, thanks to the large wrap-around zip opening. The convenience of the reel-on-rod tube keeps your outfit set up and ready to fish.

Every design element has been carefully considered by South Pacific, delivering reliability and functionality in these excellent value travel tubes.

Standard Rod Tube  $49 AUD

Reel-on-Rod Tube    $65 AUD