South Pacific Travel Bag

With so many travel destinations, domestically and internationally just waiting to be explored, it makes a lot of sense to own a well-designed reliable travel bag. The South Pacific Carry-All Travel Bag has been designed to cater for all your fly gear in one strong high-quality waterproof 800D polyester covered bag.
The bag is divided into five separate sections to organise and store all your gear, and it can even accommodate up to six 4-piece rod tubes! The three main centre sections can hold a stack of gear while the two side sections offer even more storage space.
Carry options include soft-touch carry handles, removable back straps, and a single backpack strap can be re-configured as a shoulder strap when boarding as carry-on luggage.
There are no corrosive components on the bag and all anchor points are sewn into the bag seams. The absence of any rivets provides a strong and reliable construction and the backpack clips and anchor points are all built from unbreakable carbon-fibre. The tough oversize zips have non-corrosive unbreakable zip tabs with toggle grips attached.
Soft-bump corners offer further user-comfort to the multi-coloured bag. Each compartment is lined with waterproof washable vinyl to keep any damp items contained. Bag dimensions are 800 mm long x 340 mm wide x 160 mm high.
The South Pacific Carry-All Travel Bag also doubles as a great storage station for all of your gear, all of the time!
Recommended retail price $149, but is available now at a promotional price of only $99 (including delivery) from