South Pacific Telescopic Rod Tubes

Packing for that highly anticipated fishing trip always has your mind on selecting rods to cover your fishing options; the multiple rod tubes that accompany them result in bulky excess luggage.

The new South Pacific Telescopic Extendable rod tube can turn that complex scenario into a simple one-fits-all solution. Whether you’re packing fly rods of various lengths or adding spin rods and beach rods, you can pack all your rods into one tube thanks to the convenient extendable system. Once at your destination, adjust the length of the tube to cater just for the rods you’re using for the day’s fishing.

The 770mm tube can be lengthened in 50mm increments to a fully extended length of 1270mm with a 95mm internal diameter. The tube holds 4–5 fly rods end-to-end. A screw-top locking cap with removable shoulder strap and carry handle adds to the user comfort. The satin black scratch-resistant hard poly construction ensures your multiple rods are packed safe and secure.

Recommended retail price is $95 AUD, but the tubes are currently available at the promotional price of only $79.

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