South Pacific SX2 Rod Series

The SX has been taken to a new level

Released some years back, the South Pacific SX fly rod series has since stood the test of time. Now the SX has been taken to a new level, with the release of the SX2.
The SX2 features a stack of upgrades including AAAA Portuguese Cork grips with EVA composite ends, black anodised aluminium double up-lock reel seats, and flared EVA/Cork butts on the heavier weight rods. The stripping guides, snake guides and over-size tips are all finished in non-flash black to match the satin black rod blank.
The fast progressive casting action remains as smooth as ever with plenty of reserve power when needed to deliver long casts across open water or sand flats, while also able to present flies gently and accurately at short distances in tight trout streams and bass creeks.
The SX2 incorporates the exclusive Pacific Bay Minima4 stripping guides, specifically designed for fly rods, utilising stamped guide inserts that maximise inner guide diameters and minimise resistance when shooting line.
The 4 piece rods in the SX2 range are 9 feet long and available in 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10-weights. ABS capped rod tubes are available.
A ‘No Fault’ warranty to the original owner completes the value considering the price, quality and performance.
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