South Pacific SX Series Fly Rods

South Pacific Fly Rods celebrated their 10th anniversary during 2016, in what has been a decade of innovation and commitment to designing world class fly fishing equipment.

An increasing number of rod companies are developing one single high-performance fly rod within their range, capable of covering the widest spread of fishing applications possible, and with its anniversary release the South Pacific SX series joins this group. The advantages are obvious, particularly in regard to saving costs by lessening the number of rods needed to cover your fishing when travelling or at home. 

The SX rods were designed to perform across a range of fishing situations, from tight trout streams and bass rivers to saltwater creeks and open flats. The fast progressive action has plenty of reserve power when needed to deliver long casts, while also able to present flies gently and accurately at short distances. The smooth action of the SX series is effortless to cast and performs way above what would be expected from a mid-price rod. 

South Pacific were the first Australian company to build with Pacific Bay International USA componentry, and the PAC BAY minima 4 stripping guides used on their high end rods are now also featured on the new SX series. Specifically designed for fly rods, the minima 4 guides utilise stamped guide inserts, maximising inner guide diameters. This equates to minimal resistance when shooting line, and hence longer casting distances.

The 4 piece rods in the SX range are 9 feet long and available in 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 wts. The stripping guides, snake guides and over-size tips are all finished in non-flash black to match the satin black blanks, with anodised aluminium double up-lock reel seats. The higher weight rods feature EVA/cork butts.

There’s a lot on offer when you consider the price, quality of the componentry, and performance level, but perhaps the biggest bonus is the ‘You break it, We replace it, No questions asked’ guarantee.  

When you seriously consider the SX series, it starts to become clear why this Australian fly rod company has achieved such success over the past decade. The SX rods are currently available at a promotional price from for a very attractive $195!