South Pacific Strike-N-Set Fly Line

Every Salty knows, when targeting bluewater species there’s one prominent fly line choice that comes to mind, and that’s an express sink line!

When you are needing an extra-fast sinking line to get your fly down quickly, whether that’s sub-surface for fast moving pelagics or down deep for slow moving bottom feeders, the new South Pacific Strike-N-Set fly line offers a specifically built system that may quickly become your first choice line.

Built on a 50 lb Kevlar braided zero-stretch core, you’re sure to have the pulling power needed to subdue even the toughest opponent. The midnight black coloured line features built-in streamline looped ends, with a serious 9ips sink rate. Line distance, water movement and hook-set reaction time, all factor in to getting your fly firmly connected, and the advantages of a zero-stretch core are a big bonus.

The recommended retail price is $129, but currently available at a promotional price of only $69.