South Pacific ‘Outcast Short’ fly line

Every fly fisher knows that the length of your best cast can often fall short of target, especially when casting big flies.
South Pacific have added the Outcast Short fly line to their range. The 30-ft short aggressive weight-forward head gives extra casting distance with far less effort, no matter how big or bulky your fly. The no memory line coating offers a colour change ‘pick-up point’ between the head (Olive) and running line (Ivory) so you can easily see when to lift and shoot.
Whether casting trout streamers across wide open lakes, bass bugs over broad impoundments or large saltwater flies toward the horizon, Outcast lines are perfect for delivering heavy flies over long distances with a single back cast.
On windy days, cast an open loop high in the wind and watch it sail into the sunset. You’re bound to be Outcasting distances you never thought were possible.
Featuring welded loops on both ends, these 100-ft twin-colour lines are available in 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10-wts.
South Pacific Outcast fly lines retail for $109, but are currently available from at the promotional price of only $59, including delivery!