South Pacific Bass Bug Fly Line

South Pacific produce a dedicated line for Australian bass fly fishing

There’s nothing quite like the heart stopping surface strike of an Aussie bass! When conditions line up, and bass are feeding, sometimes all that’s required is to get your fly in front of them. 

Surface flies for bass are often bulky and wind resistant, so it’s imperative to have a line that can drive your fly all the way to the target. 

The South Pacific Bass Bug fly line is specifically designed to do the job. The extra bulked-up head of the Bass Bug line enables spontaneous shots with a single backcast, and even short casts will load your rod efficiently. The extra weighted head offers punch in reserve when long casts are required across
open water. 

The South Pacific Bass Bug fly line is built on a braided low memory core, with a slick-shoot coating that won’t go limp on warmer days. The twin colour coating, featuring an olive tip, helps disguise presentations, while the hi-vis ivory running line keeps the line visible, even into the early evening. 

The line is also suitable for targeting Murray cod, saratoga and barramundi, turning over large flies with ease.

The entire design is carefully engineered to deliver a purpose-built surface bass fly line. Take your bass fly-fishing to a new level next time you tie on a bass bug with the South Pacific Bass Bug fly line.

RRP is AU$129 but currently available from A1 Fly Fishing for only AU$69, including free post. 

Visit for details.