Smith Optics Polarised Eyewear

Smith use a proprietary technology called ChromaPop in their top polarised eyewear. ChromaPop lenses incorporate specific filters designed to eliminate colour confusion where the colour spectrums intersect. With this technology, Smith have created a lens that enables anglers to see truer colours, faster.

Their Low-Light Ignitor glass lens allows 40% light transmission, making it the clearest lens available whilst still being fully polarised. Many yellow lenses are simply too yellow and tend to drown out natural colours. In overcast conditions, or any conditions with shadow or broken light, the Smith Low-Light Ignitor allows bright, glare-free vision.

In our tests we put them up against several of the best brands and the difference in just how much detail you can see is seriously dramatic. For us at The Flyfisher, no other new piece of gear has caused such a stir among the staff.

Smith Optics Low-Light Ignitor is an essential piece of equipment for sight fishing and if you’re serious about your polaroiding then you simply have to try a pair. Give yourself an unfair advantage this season with Smith Optics Low-Light Ignitor polarised sunglasses.

Available at The Flyfisher (03) 9621 1246. (Not currently available in prescription.)