Smith Creek Rod Rack

Arriving streamside in your car and seeing that the evening rise has just gone into full swing is exhilarating, until you realise that your rod is in its tube and you have to waste ten precious minutes stringing up as the light quickly fades.

In the past, most rod carrying solutions have been fairly makeshift, involving occy straps and various other hardware-store adaptations.

Smith Creek has solved all that with a thoughtfully designed soft rod rack system for inside your vehicle. The versatile system can be installed several ways including to interior roof handles, cargo clips or window mounts with the supplied fitting options. Securing and removing rods is a breeze with the single- handed bungee fastening system, looping over the rods just in front of the reel seats and ensuring that there are no annoying rattles and no risk of damage to your expensive rod and reel finishes.

Installation takes ten minutes at the most, with a little tweaking to suit regular use. The Smith Creek Rod Rack system is even suitable for taking on trips overseas, allowing you to quickly set up a hire car.

The rod rack is now available in stores.

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