Simms River Camo Range

xRev08 SimmsCamo

The ground-breaking Simms River Camo range uses mother nature’s own mathematical signature in every step, layer, nook and cranny of the design process. A strong break-up of both large and small shape distortions work to blend at any distance with a colour palette tuned to most typical river environments and the fish’s ability to see and perceive colour.

Veil Camo originated in 2012 out of a strong drive to make better camo for those who need it most. When looking specifically at fly fishing, to inform the design process Veil dug deep into research and data surrounding various species of fish and their abilities to see and interpret colour, contrast, shape and movement, as well as the effects that water and weather conditions have on all of these abilities. 

Using theories like fractal maths, chaos maths and The Golden Mean, the Simms River Camo pattern will change the way fish see, or rather, don’t see you.

The Simms River Camo range includes:
G3 Guide Stockingfoot Waders, Rogue Fleece Hoody, Intruder Bicomp Shirt,
Solarflex Sun Shirt and a selection of caps and beanies.