Scott Tidal Saltwater Fly Rods

Scott Rods aren’t in the habit of releasing a multitude of rods every year, so when a new model enters the stable you can be assured it is well thought through and is filling a space that complements the rest of the range

Their new saltwater rod, the Tidal, sits comfortably in the realm of function, form and affordability. What does this mean in the real world? It means you get the no-compromise, handmade-in-the-USA quality that separates Scott from others in the premium fly rod market. You get a rod that is grunty and up to the demands and tasks of saltwater fly fishing, without being a broomstick that you need a PhD in casting to make perform. And finally, you get a price tag that will only see you on the couch for a weekend rather than a month when the significant other sees the credit card statement.

Scott Rods’ Jim Bartschi explains the performance aspects of the Tidal in a bit more detail: “This rod is designed to make casting and fishing saltwater class rods easier. Fly fishing in salt water is challenging by its nature — conditions, fish, nerves — and often transitioning up from fly rods most of us use frequently (4, 5, and 6 weights) just adds to the challenges. We wanted to make a rod that really drove the line and turned over flies easily, even with less-than-perfect timing or double-hauls.”

Available in weights #7, #8, #9, #10, #12 and covered by Scott’s lifetime warranty, the Tidal is a true gateway drug into the big, bad world of saltwater fly.