Scientific Anglers Sonar Stillwater Fly Lines

At this year’s IFTD show, Scientific Anglers released a complete range of new fly lines specifically targeting stillwater fisheries in cooler climates. After visiting distributors and dealers worldwide to learn about each fishery and their requirements, it became clear that SA needed to roll out a new, advanced Stillwater range.
After consulting stillwater fly fishing gurus around the globe, prototype lines went out for testing. Lines were evaluated and tweaked by anglers in key stillwater markets including the UK, Canada and Australia. The final range has been very well received around the globe.
The first priority was to source a new polymeric coating and core that was more suitable for the colder climates involved with stillwater fisheries. The second stage was consulting with pro anglers/guides from these countries working on a range that would cover just below the surface to the deepest drop offs. Due to popularity and casting ease, all Stillwater lines have been based on the MPX taper — a perfect choice for casting multiple fly leaders often used in stillwaters.
See details below for the Sonar Stillwater models available.
Hover: Extra slow sinking (1 ips) for fishing the surface film.
Clear Camo: Full intermediate (1.25 ips) clear coating over mottled camouflage core for the ultimate in stealthy presentations. Features an all-new supple clear material. It’s the finest handling and casting intermediate on the market.
Clear Emerger: 5-foot clear intermediate tip (1.25 ips) with floating running line and head for fishing flies just below the surface. Ideal for emerging midges and mayfly hatches. The clear tip also anchors the line in windy conditions.
Seamless Density: Provides a smooth transition between densities, eliminates hingeing, and provides a straight-line connection to the flies. The lines also feature hang marker texturing centred at the 10-foot and 20-foot marks, making these lines the ultimate for pulling wets.
Intermediate/Sink 3 – Gets under the surface chop, with intermediate (1.25 ips) running line and sink 3 head (3.0 ips).
Sink 3/Sink 5 – For searching mid-water, with a sink 3 running line and sink 5 head (5.0 ips).
Sink 5/Sink 7 – The fastest SD line, with a sink 5 running line and sink 7 head (7.0 ips), for fishing the bottom.
Parabolic Sink: Sinking in a U-shape profile, this line features a sink 3 running line, sink 5 head, and sink 3 tip. This specialised line assists in searching the water column in a sweeping action to find feeding fish.
Booby Tip: This 5-ft high-float tip pairs up well with any sinking line. It helps keep the fly up off the bottom, avoiding snags and weeds. Great for fishing leeches, damsels and booby flies.