Scientific Anglers Magnitude Clear Floating Fly Lines

Scientific Anglers lear up floating lines

Floating Clear fly lines are not new to the market, however, they have all been plagued with significant memory, poor durability, adhesion and lack of slickness. 

After 2,500 hours of field testing, Scientific Anglers are introducing the Magnitude Clear Floating series of fly lines. Using naturally buoyant polymers, they have created the next generation of clear floating lines. 

With the option of a 10-ft or 12-ft clear floating tip, depending on taper, the angler is able to track the fly and a full length floating line for the ultimate in stealthy presentations.

The new technology features Duracoat, a specialised dual polymer design optimising line stiffness, slickness and abrasion resistance while significantly reducing line memory and tangles.

Available in textured and smooth.

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