Scientific Anglers Infinity Saltwater

With an extended head for accuracy at distance

The new Amplitude Infinity Salt is a welcome addition to the current line-up of Scientific Anglers specialty floating saltwater fly lines. The go-to line for all saltwater species, the Infinity Salt is made half a size heavier to assist with loading modern fast-action saltwater fly rods and turning over large flies on windy days.

This line features the revolutionary AST Plus slickness additive for shootability and durability, and is triple textured to enhance floatability and shootability. It is triple coloured for identifying which area of the line is in the rod tip. 

The Infinity Salt also has an extended head for accuracy at distance — the WF-8-F has a 49-foot head length. This line also features the tropi-core technology to remain stiff and slick in tropical environments.

The new Infinity Saltwater fly line is available in both Amplitude and Amplitude Smooth families and comes in WF-7-F thru WF-12-F. n

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