Scientific Anglers Frequency Fly Lines

With three floating tapers and three sinking tapers, the line choices are simple, but your possibilities are limitless. Frequency Series lines are meant to be used wherever you are, day after day.

Why should our premium fly lines be the only ones with premium technology? The short answer is that they shouldn’t. Each Frequency Series line is built with our Advanced Shooting Technology (AST) additive and features a front welded loop, resulting in lines that provide immediate — and lasting — benefits, cast after cast.

Creating a line family with a simplified offering was critical, but making sure those lines handle a wide variety of conditions was of the utmost importance. From temperate saltwater situations to winter trout outings, the Frequency Series will stand up to the elements, season after season.

Day after day, fish after fish, Frequency is designed to give you amazing performance at an unreal price.

Boost Taper – Half-size heavier floater, excellent general purpose line suitable for larger, heavier flies. WF-3-F to WF-6-F. Willow in colour.
Trout Taper – As the name implies, great all-round trout line for dries, nymphs and wets. WF-3-F to WF-6-F. Buckskin in colour.
Magnum Taper – Designed for turning over large dries, streamers and split-shot with ease. Great line for casting into wind and laying out leader. WF-5-F to WF-8-F. Mist Green in colour.
Sink Tip Type III (2.5 to 4.0 IPS) — Fast-Sinking 10-ft tip sinks flies through the water column while the floating section reduces bellies forming in the line, providing direct contact with flies. Great line for flowing water. WF-5-F/S to WF-8-F/S. Green tip/Optic Yellow in colour.
Full Sinking Lines – This all purpose range of sinking fly-lines is ideal for anglers drifting in boats, pulling flies and covering all depths of the water column. Be it a team of wets or a couple of nymphs, these lines cut through wind with their thin diameters, making repetitive casts a breeze.
Intermediate (1.25 IPS) WF-5-I to WF-8-I. Atmosphere in colour.
Sink Rate III (2.5 to 4.0 IPS) WF-5-S to WF-8-S. Grey in colour.
Sink Rate VI (3.0 to 5.0 IPS) WF-5-S to WF-8-S. Dark Grey in colour.

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