Scientific Anglers AST PLUS – Creek Trout

The Creek Trout taper is new to the Scientific Anglers range of premium fly lines for 2021. Designed specifically for small streams and creeks, the line excels when casting in tight environments. 

Small streams and creeks are usually found closer to headwaters, where overgrowth and width can inhibit casts any further than 30 feet. Taking this into consideration, Scientific Anglers designed a taper which loads the rod at very short distances to provide feel for pinpoint casting accuracy. 

The taper has a short head, with a rear handling line to deliver flies at short-to-medium range with extended line control. A long front taper enables delicate presentations and excellent roll casting ability when over-hanging shrubs inhibit over-head casts. The lines feature AST Plus slickness additive for superior shooting ability and increased durability. 

The Creek Trout lines are available in WF-2-F thru WF-6-F.  

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