Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth

Recently released at the IFTD show, Scientific Anglers new premium smooth lines have created a stir and set a new standard in terms of the more traditional smooth fly lines.

The Amplitude Smooth with AST Plus, the most advanced slickness technology in the world, incorporates a patented liquid compound spread throughout the complete coating of the fly line. It naturally migrates to the surface of the line as the coating begins to wear, which extends the life of the line and provides out-of-the-box slickness long after the line leaves the retail store. 

There are six tapers in the Amplitude Smooth family including a completely new taper called the Infinity, which is classified as ‘the go-to line for all freshwater species.’

The Amplitude Smooth with AST plus will be available in the following lines: Freshwater Tapers — Infinity, Trout, Anadro/Nymph, Titan Long. Saltwater Tapers — Grand Slam, Bonefish.

They are now available in Australia and can be sourced through specialist retail outlets.