Scientific Anglers All-Round Taper

Featuring a powerful taper for turning over long dry-fly leaders and for casting nymphs and small streamers on shorter leaders, this line is half a size heavier to load modern- day graphite fly rods. The ART line is also great for single-handed Spey casting. 

If you visit New Zealand and fish with a guide it is common for them to recommend fly lines that are dull and olive in colour to reduce spooking trout. The ART features a two-tone super-stealthy bamboo running line and dark olive head with a new camouflage tip, which also features floating texturing for higher floatation. 

The ART is one of only two lines in the Mastery Smooth Freshwater range featuring this high float tip for ease of pick up and water shedding. The line also features SA-ID, AST and welded loop front and rear. Line weights now available are WF-2-F thru WF-8-F. 

Distributed in Australia by Mayfly Tackle.