Sage X Rod

The X Rod along with the new 6200 reel and ESN (European-Style Nymphing) rod family is being revealed at EFTTEX trade show in Amsterdam, Holland.

The X Rod uses Sage’s new proprietary KonnecticHD Technology® to develop a fast-action fly rod that can create tighter loops to ensure better accuracy, efficiency and line control. “By optimizing our graphite-to-resin ratio, we’ve created a higher density (HD) fiber composite resulting in lighter, stronger blanks to deliver unmatched recovery, energy transfer, and line/loop control,” said Sage chief rod designer Jerry Siem.
Sage highlights that the new taper delivers greater blank recovery and a crisper tip, allowing anglers to dig deeper into the rod and access more of the lower sections of the blank, shifting power closer to the angler. Decreased lateral and medial movement and vibrations in the blank also result in more accurate and efficient presentations.

The X Rod family is handcrafted on Bainbridge Island and will include freshwater models in 3 through 6 weights as well as saltwater models in 5 through to 10 weights. The X Rod will also be available in switch and spey series.

According to Sage the rods will be available from August 2016. The Australian and New Zealand prices are yet to be confirmed by FlyLife but Sage have set the single hander price at US$895. As an approximation, according to the local distributor J.M. Gillies, if you apply the exchange rate and add 10% you should get a reasonable approximation of the local RRP.

There has been much speculation that the X is the replacement for the extremely popular Sage One. When FlyLife put this to Tag Kleiner, VP of marketing for Far Bank Enterprises, yesterday he was very clear in his response. “There is no ONE replacement. We have developed a new technology (KonneticHD) and using that technology, our rod designers have been able to create a new fast action rod that we’re very excited to launch. But I am telling people over and over again that it is not a ONE replacement.” Time will tell where the One and the X fit in the Sage family. At the time of writing the current Sage price list still has the One listed along with X.