Rio Products GT Fly Line


The GT line is built on an ultra strong core and is designed with a short, heavy head to carry big flies on powerful fly rods. Anglers chasing giant trevally often face demanding conditions, so the powerful front taper casts very large flies with ease, but the biggest benefit of this line is the core strength. The extremely tough core has a breaking strength in excess of 50 pounds to easily battle large fish and to resist cuts from coral and rock structures.

The GT line features a hard, tropical coating to prevent wilting in the heat and welded loops on both ends for fast rigging. It is available in 400 grains, 475 grains and 550 grains in kelp and orange colour. Find this line at any RIO dealer for $89.95.

‘I found the line incredible for quickly throwing Flashy Profile flies to GTs. The 550 grain shoots like a cannon on my 12-weight and allowed shots at fast-moving schools. I managed to hook a big GT, which broke 45 lb tippet. It was nice knowing that if something gave way it would be the tippet, not the line itself!’