RIO Fathom Sinking Lines

Ideal for boat, pontoon and float tube fishing, or deeper water from the bank

RIO has launched a new series of sinking lines, designed for anglers fishing in lakes. The new Fathom Sinking line family is ideal for boat, pontoon and float tube fishing, or for working deeper water from the bank.
Each line in the Fathom series has a short, quick-loading head for minimising the number of false casts, and for quick distance. The running line and head are made in different colours to easily show the line’s loading point, and to instantly identify which sink-rate line you are using.
In addition, all Fathom lines are built with Density Compensation for complete depth control, and have a built-in hang marker 20 feet from the front end, showing anglers when to stop stripping line, and when to fish the ‘hang’ — a deadly technique from an anchored boat, or when fishing ‘loch style’ from a drifting boat.
Finally, welded loops on both ends of the line make for quick rigging and leader and line density changes.
Available in 5 through 8-weight sizes, these lines come in four different sink rates: Slow Type 3 — 3 ips (inches per second), Medium Type 5 — 5 ips), Fast Type 6 — 6 ips), and Extra Fast Type 7 — 7 ips (not available in a WF5).
Find them at your nearest RIO dealer.