RIO Products Direct Core Flats Pro Fly Line

Testing saltwater lines is gruelling work, but someone must do it. Leave it to RIO to test, test and test some more to get its new Flats Pro, with DirectCore technology, perfect for fishing bones, permit and tarpon. 

DirectCore’s low-stretch monofilament core has low memory to lay perfectly straight on the water yet retains its stiffness in tropical heat. The Flats Pro taper loads easily at short distances yet the extended back taper provides stability for fast, accurate, long-distance casts as well. 

After refining the weight distribution grain by grain, RIO created a line to make delicate presentations to twitchy bones yet drive bulky crab patterns into serious wind with equal efficiency. 

Available in floating options in two colours in WF6F through WF12F, and StealthTip with a full floating head with six feet of clear intermediate at the tip. This new tip allows for shorter leaders and easier, more accurate casts, while the increased density provides greater wind penetration. The StealthTip is available in WF8F/I through WF12F/I and is ideal for permit or wary tarpon.