Rio Coastal Quickshooter Fly Line

RIO Products brings saltwater anglers the Coastal QuickShooter, for fly fishing in cooler climates. This product won EFTTEX’s award of Best Fly Line, in June, further amplifying its place in the saltwater anglers’ aresenal.

RIO’s new Coastal QuickShooter features a clear intermediate head, specifically designed for anglers fishing off the coast in cooler conditions. The short front taper has no problem turning over large baitfish and shrimp patterns in typical coastal winds, and the easy-casting head helps load the rod quickly at close range. This line will suit anglers targeting southern estuaries, beaches and flats.

In addition, a Coastal QuickShooter XP (Extra Powerful) version, with a heavily weighted head and an aggressive front taper, is perfect for casting large flies and coping with stiff on-shore winds. 

The Coastal QuickShooter is available in WF5I–WF8I in clear and chartreuse, and the Coastal QuickShooter XP is available in clear and purple in WF8I—WF10I sizes.