Primal Point Freshwater Fly Rod

Presentations must be on point when fishing tight twig-water and skinny streams, where having a shorter length and slower action rod is essential. 

The new Primal Point series, as the name suggests, gives you the pin point accuracy required in a presentation rod. Small streams, backwaters, back country and anywhere a delicate cast is required, the Primal Point will be your first choice. Casting small flies to easily spooked fish in crystal clear streams necessitates a slow action rod to drop a tiny dry or small nymph precisely where you need it. The innovative multi modulus blank flexes deep, but still recovers quickly and is incredibly stable. The rod is light in your hand and the smooth progressive flex will feel like an extension of your forearm. That lightness in the cast is contrasted perfectly by providing some real low down grunt when you are fighting the fish. 

The Primal Point series consists of a #3– and #4–weight in 7’11”  for twig water and a #4– and #5–weight 8’9” for more open streams. Every rod is four piece, produced from an ultra high modulus 64MSI blank and finished in a low shine stealth finish. High quality cork handles and a machined aluminium reel seat with a buck eye burl insert are all part of the Primal Point package, giving you a premium level rod without breaking the bank. 

Each rod comes with a rod tube, rod bag and Primal’s industry leading Quick Fix warranty service. 

Ask for them at your local fly store.

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