Primal Compressed Carbon Chain Technology

Primal squeezes more performance out of their CCC blanks

Primal Rods don’t rely on marketing pixie dust, formulating designs that integrate technology and actually affect how the rod performs.
This season Primal have gone even further introducing their new Compressed Carbon Chain(CCC) technology currently available in their flagship models — the fast action freshwater RAW and the fast action saltwater MEGA. CCC technology utilises a low mass oblique exterior carbon wrap that constricts at a high rate during the curing process to compress the rod’s longitudinal fibres creating a denser, stronger blank with high sensitivity, quick recovery and ultra light swing weight.
CCC rods combine with an Ultra-Light Helical Core, to create intelligent rods that support hoop strength and stabilise the blank in flex. The nano graphene in Primal rods combines with the carbon fibre compression to improve axial resilience.
The end result is you get a rod that outperforms higher priced rods.
Primal RAW CCC: 9’0” #5, 9’0” #6, 9’0” #7, 9’0” #8, 9’6” #6, 9’6” #7, 10’0” #6, 10’0” #7
Primal MEGA CCC: 8’0” #6, 8’0” #8, 9’0” #6, 9’0” #8, 9’0” #9, 9’0” #10, 9’0” #12
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