Orvis Mirage LT Fly Reel

The original Mirage was designed to be the most reliable and durable fly reel on the market, and it was especially designed for larger fish. The smaller Mirages have the strongest drag and most durable construction for their size, but they are honestly overbuilt for most trout fishing applications. Thus, the Mirage LT.

By carefully re-engineering, the Mirage team in their Vermont machine shop removed 30% of the weight and made the reel 30% narrower to better balance the weight and aesthetics of modern trout rods. It’s a stunning gem of a reel, with looks, feel, and a sound better than any previous Orvis reel. The Mirage LT has all the technology of the original Mirage reels, but in a design that is one of the lightest in the industry.

To make the LT lighter, material was removed from the frame and spool design where it was not needed for a lightweight reel, but kept where less might sacrifice the long-term durability and structural integrity of the reel. Because it did not need the extreme high-end max drag range of the standard Mirage, the number of drag surfaces was reduced from 14 in the standard model to 8 in the LT. And of course, reducing the width of the reel reduced weight and made the reel much more appropriate on lighter rods. The reel foot was ported to further decrease weight without reducing meaningful strength.

To make both the line-in and line-out tension lighter, the number of drag seals was reduced from 12 to 6. The reel still offers a completely sealed design, but it is more appropriate for the less extreme conditions seen in freshwater and light saltwater fly fishing.

As with our original Mirage reels, the drag on the Mirage LT reels has zero startup inertia. This prevents breakoffs when a fast-running fish suddenly takes line. The patented ball-and-ramp drag adjustment system makes increasing drag at the low end much more precise. The full drag range can be controlled in less than a full turn of the drag knob, reducing fumbling in the heat of a battle, as well as finely adjusted at the low end for the difference between a 6X and 7X tippet.

  • Designed to perfectly balance with lighter freshwater rods.
  • Features a sealed and maintenance-free carbon and stainless steel disc drag system that adjusts from zero to full drag in a single drag knob rotation.
  • Increased retrieve rates, reduction in line coil, and is machined from 6061 T6 aluminium.
  • Ergonomically designed machined aluminium handle.
  • Quick-release spool easily converts left to right-hand retrieve.
  • Fully radiused reel foot prevents kinked leaders.
  • Low-profile counterweight won’t catch fingers or fly lines.
  • In midnight with silver accents, olive with silver accents.
  • Available in size 1 WF2 through 1V WF8.

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