New Zealand Strike Indicator Tool



So, what better place to design and test a new strike indicator system that gives you more than one chance for a delicate presentation at the proper depth to fool a trophy trout? From tiny mountain streams to big rivers and lakes, more than 20 New Zealand professional guides have tested this system with their customers in all types of weather and found it to be a winner.
You will, too!
The innovative design of the NZ Strike Indicator Tool makes creating an indicator easy — even for anglers with poor vision. The hook at the end of the tool catches the leader to allow a wool indicator to be attached to the leader using the supplied perfect tubing. The tool itself can be easily attached to a zinger for convenience and holds enough tubing sleeves for days of fishing. Once on the leader, indicators can easily be moved to suit different water depths or re-moved when a hatch begins and dry flies are called for. What’s more, the Strike Indicator Tool will not damage leaders!
Additional tubing in Regular and XLarge and indicator wool in Stealthy White, Hi-Vis Orange, Black, Fluorescent Green and mixed colour pack can be purchased separately.
For additional information and video showing the use of this indicator tool visit and click on the indicator logo.
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