New Rods From Primal

At Primal we don’t care how seriously you take yourself — you may be an elite comp angler or a casual cat — we’ve created a collection of super dialled Euro sticks that are super sensitive so you’ll feel every bump and hesitation your flies make on their drift.

The Primal Zone is the stick that will catch you more fish, whether you’re wanting to keep count or just add to your smirk as you pick fish out behind your buddy.

Fishing for anadromous fish is very much zero to hero. One day all you do is cast, the next day you’re reaching for your camera to photograph the donkey brown you just scratched up from the deep. 

With the Primal Run series we have created a bunch of rods that will cast everything from short chuck-and-duck Skagit heads to making smooth hero casts with Scandi’s. So on the casting days you’ll have the right rod in hand, and when the fish are in the river, well we’ve got that covered too.

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