New Reels From Waterworks Lamson

Two popular reels go through a metamorphosis

Heritage is a word that instantly comes to mind when we talk about the Waterworks Lamson family of reels. There’s no chopping and changing of models, rather it’s a relentless pursuit of perfection for existing products, further refining the qualities that make each reel great in its own right. 

Two updated for 2019 models that have been going through a metamorphosis of development over the years are the much loved and revered lightweight Speedster and work horse Guru.

The new Speedster S is our hot rod reel with the largest diameter and highest retrieve rate in any given line weight. The S series reels have redesigned spool architecture that maintains this high level of performance while reducing overall weight by 20%. Available in super cool Midnight Blue and Ember colourways these are two very striking and high performing fly reels.

Enter the everyman reel. The Guru S is our very popular, lowest-priced fully machined reel now in its third generation, with updated spool geometry for better retrieve rates, open porting to reduce weight and improve line drying, and an integrated counter balance for structural stability. 

Guru S sets the standard for CNC machined quality and reliability at a great price and looks like it should cost much, much more. With three colour options available the Guru S has really come to life. 

All reels are manufactured in the U.S.A. and assembled in Boise, Idaho.