Lamson ‘Speedster’ Reel Colour Update

Waterworks-Lamson is the world’s largest manufacturer of premium fly reels for a simple reason — they make the best reels and they keep getting better. This year the lads at Lamson have popped out a new killer colourway of the uber-popular Speedster reel. The Speedster now comes in a matt grey with orange accents.
This is a super-high retrieve rate reel with a narrower spool, inboard mounted handle and a significantly larger outer diameter than other high performance reels. The narrow spool prevents line barrelling; the added circumference and inboard handle improve retrieve rate.
Mate these features with a time-tested smooth-as-silk, maintenance-free drag system, classic Waterworks Lamson styling and attention to detail, and you have what the name implies: a ‘hot rod’ of a reel.
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