Airflo Tropical Punch Flyline

Developed with the help of Bruce Chard, one of the most sought-after guides in the Florida Keys, this line will help deliver your fly to the target quickly and accurately.

The secret is the compact front taper and extended rear taper. For anglers who only get a few weeks a year to chase a grand slam, those windy conditions, big flies and knocking knees can get in the way of their goal. The Chard line uses the latest super-DRI technology, ultra quiet ridge technology and low stretch power core to get your fly to the fish, stick it, and stay stuck. Available in floating 8- to 12-weight.

The current series of Bonefish, Tarpon and GT lines have also been updated for 2015 with the addition of Airflo’s super-DRI technology on the floating lines, taking them to the next level of floatability.