Airflo Superflo Ridge 2.0 Saltwater Fly Lines

Airflo updates its Ridge saltwater lines

Airflo has released updates to its Ridge saltwater lines. The original Flats Master fly line, which was developed 8 years ago for the Australian market, has been updated. 

The lines incorporate SuperFlo technology, which improves slickness and reduces running line diameters, maximising the lines’ shooting abilities. 

Ridge 2.0 extrusion technology makes the lines nicer to handle and line noise almost non-existent compared with other textured fly lines. 

All of this is achieved whilst remaining PVC free and without compromising Airflo’s legendary durability. 

The Flats Master taper retains the same 10-ft integrated fast intermediate tip. What makes the Flats Master unique is its construction over a non-stretch core versus a stretchy monofilament core. This is critical for Australian fishing where anglers tend to fish larger flies on the flats than in other tropical destinations. Additionally, due to demand from bream anglers, a 6-weight Flats Master has been added to 8- to 10-weight models. 

Airflo has also updated its floating Flats Universal Taper fly line. Utilising the same technologies as the Flats Master, the Universal Taper is the ultimate taper for dropping a long cast with a heavy crab fly into gnarly winds one day, then sliding bonefish patterns into a light breeze the next. The short belly loads quickly and long rear taper creates the most versatile line in the Airflo range.

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