Airflo SuperFlo Fly Lines 2021

Airflo has launched three new SuperFlo floating fly lines to cover all situations

Airflo has launched three new SuperFlo floating fly lines to cover all situations. Thanks to a completely new coating formulation, each and every line moves through the guides with improved slickness and enables some of the thinnest and lightest running lines available. This allows you to pick up more line and cast it further than ever before. 

Airflo lines are PVC free. Polyurethane is much more environmentally responsible than PVC and is more resistant to UV degradation, DEET, sunscreen and other solvent based products. Polyurethane does not leach harmful contaminants and is completely recyclable.


With an aggressive rear taper, and forward-biased concentration of mass, the SuperFlo Power Taper is designed to be anything but subtle. Even its colour packs a punch with hi-vis purple or the option of understated grey. Designed specifically for modern, fast action rods, the SPT is created for anglers looking to cast big flies a country mile, straight into a 20 knot wind.


Who says the proverbial jack of all trades is a master of none? This line does it all. The new SuperFlo Universal has a taper born from hundreds of hours of testing on dozens of different rods. The Universal Taper serves the dry fly angler, the nymph fisher and the streamer chucker — all with equal mastery.


Some fish are afraid of their own shadow.
Others have seen every fly known to man. So when you’re up against the absolute pickiest of eaters, it’s time to get technical. With a delicate front taper and extended rear taper, the Tactical Taper delivers the gentlest presentations, no matter the range.

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