Airflo Superflo Fly Lines

A floating line with almost zero memory

With almost every angler looking for improved performance from the most used fly line on the planet, it’s easy to see why a floating line that casts better, floats higher where required, has almost zero memory and lasts measurably longer than any other fly line in the world would be deemed to be the holy grail.

Airflo is the only company that extrudes Polyurethane as a super tough coating on its fly lines. With the inclusion of the new ‘FLO’ technology, Airflo is now able to produce a fly line with running line slimmer in diameter than competitors, without any of the durability issues associated with PVC. The end result is a fly line that glides through the rings with minimal friction and has all the handling attributes and durability of the best fly line in the world.

Low diameter running lines are a key element of making a line come to life, giving both the head and the rod increased line/recovery speed that really makes you smile when you cast. 

The head on each line is created with a supple PU coating that takes less energy to form a casting loop, making the line far more efficient at generating line speed, whilst the running lines are made from a harder skin, to make them handle well and last even longer. At the start of each running line is a 20-ft ‘Low Compression Zone’, another Airflo initiative that improves haul speed and makes the line feel really slick on very long casts.

Airflo’s brand new SuperFlo Series is a floating line that will seriously improve your experience on the water. 

It maintains all the benefits of Airflo’s low stretch cores and welded loops, whilst incorporating FLO technology to make the ultimate floating fly line.

This is a floating line with almost zero memory, that casts more easily, casts further, and floats.