Airflo Ridge 2.0 Fly Lines

Airflo now has the ability to make the lines even softer

Airflo fly lines have a long history of being at the forefront of innovation and developing proprietary technologies that are proven game-changers. Recent hybrid cellular buoyancy developments now mean Airflo lines are gassed with tiny spheres, and float higher, for longer, but until now it’s been missing one of Airflo’s key technology milestones — the Ridge Line.
When Ridge Line was introduced well over a decade ago it solved the problem of poor casting, soft polymer lines. The soft polymer lines had excellent handling properties and very low line memory but had a tendency to be sticky on guides because of the ring compression under load. Ridge Line tech was able to circumvent these issues by having less surface area of the line in contact with the rings, enabling the softer lines to remain supple yet cast and shoot as readily as the hard polymer lines that were prone to memory and tangling.
So, like all good pairings in life, it made sense to bring the two technologies together while seeing where improvements could be achieved.
Airflo now has the ability to make the lines even softer by augmenting the ridges with better separation and more rounded contact points. So on top of being better to cast, easier to shoot and with a smoother feel, there’s also less dirt and grit to be picked up and the feel in hand is incredible. Textured lines often have the reputation of being noisy but you’d be hard pressed to audibly pick the difference between Ridge 2.0 and a traditional fly line.
The first deliveries of fresh and saltwater Ridge 2.0 lines are landing in stores for summer.
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