Airflo Bandit Line

Airflo Bandit has a secret weapon

For a long time, the Airflo Bandit has been the secret weapon of anglers in the know. Some fish are just easily spooked, no matter how hard you try or what you throw at them. That is, unless you have the stealthy Airflo Bandit. 

Airflo have recently given the Bandit the full Superflo Ridge 2.0 treatment. You get an exceptionally high performing line with greater flexibility, low compression, reduced stiffness and reduced friction in the guides. 

The Airflo Bandit is a fantastic general purpose line specifically developed for Manic Tackle Project by Airflo for use in the crystal clear streams throughout Australia and New Zealand. It’s been a top seller for years, it’s only the trout that have yet to notice it. Lucky for you, trout can’t read. 

The Bandit’s 20 foot rear taper allows for more loop control in the air and effortless on the water mends. A 24 foot belly carries ample energy through to the 6.5 foot front taper.  The Bandit’s front taper is camo banded to provide extra stealth. Don’t let spooky trout get the better of your next back country trip.

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