Pure Fly New Zealand – Series One DVD

Hang on to your hats because the TV series Pure Fly NZ is out on DVD. Previously only available on Sky NZ, now everyone can enjoy this fantastic series.

With countless feature films in his catalogue, Nick Reygaert of Gin-Clear Media has turned his hand to a dedicated fly fishing series. The episodes take us to some inspiring backcountry locations across New Zealand, including the trout in Kahurangi National Park, Lake Otamangakau and Tauranga Taupo, and kingfish on the Golden Bay flats. The footage of Southland smelters must be seen to be believed, with close ups of trout ripping through baitfish schools in the shallows.

The photography is exceptional and includes mesmerising slow motion footage and aerial photography.

At over three hours of viewing time, this is the biggest dose of fly-only-TV you’ll find, and will no doubt satisfy those with an insatiable appetite for pure fly fishing action. RRP $39.95. 

Available at flylife.com.au/shop