Parallel Lines DVD review

When we had our scissors, paper, rock war at FlyLife HQ for this one I was only too pleased to get the guernsey to write it up. Parallel Lines is Benny Godfrey’s highly anticipated follow up to Aquasoul, his first fly fishing feature. 

Follow up albums (or films, or books) are notoriously challenging, but Benny takes things to a completely new level with Parallel Lines, displaying his talent with the camera, built on years of experience shooting professionally for the surf industry since he was 16 years old. 

A keen fly fisher himself, Benny takes us on a personal journey through the eyes of well-known fly anglers including Shannon Kitchener, Bretto Wilson (who was also in Aquasoul), Clinton Isaac and Alan ‘Fish’ Philliskirk. It explores the intangible connections between fly fishing, art, surfing, country and mateship, set against a series of glorious backdrops across Australia.

The imagery is superb, with a clarity that makes you want to reach for your rod and roll a cast at the screen — an effect which was not lost on the sell-out audiences at the recent Rise Fly Fishing Film Festival premiere. 

There is no doubt that Benny Godfrey’s talent is only just getting started in fly fishing films and he is already working on his next piece of inspiration.

With a limited supply of new Australian and New Zealand fly fishing films in recent years, it is critical that we get behind our local films and help grow a sustainable industry for the future.

Copies of Parallel Lines are now available from the FlyLife Shop online. Price $35.00

Watch the Trailer here.