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Nick Reygaert of Gin-Clear Media continues to deliver outstanding fly fishing films with his latest release Leviathan. Shot in the same documentary style as its predecessors Hatch and Predator, this effort focuses on the biggest and baddest fish chased with a fly rod.

Filmed as usual on the very best equipment, Nick captures incredible sequences of jaw-dropping fish. Huge brown trout are stalked, hooked and mostly (but not always) lost at close quarters in tiny North Island (NZ) creeks. Impossibly fat rainbow trout are pulled from Lake Strobel (Patagonia’s famous ‘Jurassic Lake’). Bonefish and GTs test angler and gear during battles on remote flats in French Polynesia, and enormous Atlantic tarpon smash baitfish and egos off the coast of Costa Rica.

These are images that will make you want to pull out the credit card and start booking flights. They are all incredible fish, in bucket-list locations. And although jigging for GTs off a boat isn’t what most of us would consider the purest fly fishing available in our northern waters, I can still see the appeal in hooking just one of these monsters one day.

The film was made for a wider audience than just us snobby purists, so I’ll excuse inclusion of the Coral Sea footage here. Make no mistake, Leviathan will have your heart pumping and mouth drooling.

Run time is 48 minutes: narrated by the irrepressible Greg French.

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