Fly Fishing North-East Victoria

In his latest book, Philip Weigall sets out to help anglers of all levels get the best from this remarkable area. The book begins with a description of the area as a whole, including everything from the types of water you’re likely to encounter, through to licence requirements and weather. Further in, there are overviews of the five major catchments, followed by detailed water-by-water descriptions. These include a reliability rating, and best months to fish. Simple, handy maps back up the text.
For all its valuable information, Flyfishing North-east Victoria will also be enjoyed for its striking pictures and design. Philip Weigall is clearly smitten by this beautiful area and his book is as much an effort to capture the essence of north-east Victorian fly-fishing as it is a guide.
This will be essential reading for those entirely new to the area, right through to experienced locals looking for another perspective, or perhaps a new tactic or two to try. Meanwhile, the book’s full colour presentation makes it an ideal gift.


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