Back Country North Island

There’s no doubt that Nick Reygaert from Gin-Clear Media is at the top of the field in fly-fishing film production. His latest effort, Back Country North Island is yet another step on his ladder to who knows what heights.

Here he has returned to an earlier format, more like The Source Iceland (my previous favourite), where he follows the adventures of a selected few anglers as they share their love of a region, in this case New Zealand’s North Island.

You couldn’t ask for a more picturesque setting to make a film, and Nick certainly doesn’t miss the opportunity to show it off. He has gone all-out on technical aspects in this one, as he utilises jibs, underwater housings, cable camera-fliers and, not one, but two helicopters. The aerial footage is the icing on this already super-tasty cake, especially the heli-to-heli shots. You can’t help but imagine yourself sitting in that seat!

It’s all shot on cinema-quality gear too, no sudden changes to shaky Go-Pro footage anywhere to be seen (thankfully!).

The seven anglers are distinctly different people, but as they each explore their own favourite patch, with camera in tow, you begin to understand that they are of one tribe.

‘Talking head’ shots are kept to a minimum, but the anglers have some great stuff to say and it’s worth having in there. Thankfully most of it is overlaid with more fishing footage. Oh, and they catch a metric truckload of fish!

Anglers featured are Mike Davis, Rene Vaz, Mike Kirkpatrick, Steve Sprague, Andrew Harding, Cory Scott and Tony Hildesheim.

The soundtrack is understated but moving and, as it should do, adds an invisible but important element. The edit is very slick with some really cool 3-D graphics.

The title implies that more Back Country areas might be explored and filmed in the future. If that’s the case, hurry up Nick Reygaert!

Run time 48 minutes. Price $39.95.

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