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Mother’s Day for browns, Father’s Day for rainbows — that’s a saying straight from the mouth of a notorious poacher, back in my fisheries research days. Yes, browns are autumn spawners and rainbows run in springtime, and the closed seasons we all live by as trout fishers are designed to protect them at their most vulnerable. Why vulnerable? Because they run up from lakes into tiny tributaries and often pack in, back to back, like sardines in a tin. Guns, nets, gaffs, spears, bare hands — I’ve even seen dogs trained to plunge their heads underwater to grab fish and drag them out onto the bank. Spawning and poaching go hand in hand, no doubt, and mud sticks. Hence, when the ethics of targeting trout spawning runs are debated, emotions run high. You’re either for it or against it; so much so that the mere hint of a Glo-bug in the mouth of a trout can see pages torn right out of FlyLife…

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